Ann Calvo


Wellington, FL


Sharon Ann Calvo was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to Palm Beach County Florida at the age of 16 years old. Professionally known as Ann Calvo in the designer world, or more commonly as "Corky" for her big heart, and great imagination, she has been creating art as a form of expression, as well as an outlet for relaxation and therapy for 20 years. With a unique and whimsical style all her own, it is know wonder this fun loving, comical, yet down to earth spirit has become a buzz in the artist community.

A Self Taught Graphic Artist, just recently enrolled in art school. Ann has familiarized herself with traditional methods of the visual arts, but found her greatest passion in modern design, illustrations, computer graphics and visual design. Calvo has created over five thousand illustrations, many which are currently available for purchase in the form of books, fabrics, papers, illustrations, logos and other saleable merchandise.

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Indiago by Ann Calvo


Flower Passion 2 by Ann Calvo


Floral Basket by Ann Calvo


A Cat's Birthday by Ann Calvo


Happy Halloween by Ann Calvo


My Boyfriend the Ghost by Ann Calvo


Madd Cat by Ann Calvo


Catty Women by Ann Calvo


Hat's to Grandma by Ann Calvo


Trick or Treat by Ann Calvo


Cat's Meow by Ann Calvo


Witchy Women by Ann Calvo


In Love by Ann Calvo


Green Cat 2 by Ann Calvo


Green Cat by Ann Calvo


The Witch Club by Ann Calvo


Selfless Women 5 by Ann Calvo


Selfless Souls by Ann Calvo


Winter Night Winds by Ann Calvo


Bad Hair Day by Ann Calvo


Bird Space Egg by Ann Calvo


Space Egg by Ann Calvo


Madd Moon 2 by Ann Calvo


Madd Moon by Ann Calvo